My philosophy

There are many ways to write an academic text; however, over the years, I’ve developed a fairly reliable approach to checking and improving scientific articles that results in publication maybe 90% of the time. The other 10% can be easily improved on revision by adapting the style slightly, and these invariably get published.

What is the secret? Well, firstly, an artist needs good clay to create a masterpiece! I’m lucky enough that most of the authors I work with have a lot of experience of publication and they usually prepare work that is coherent, focussed and rich in content. In these situations, my role is to add a little polish and smooth the edges of the work to help the article shine. Some authors may not have the same level of experience, but in this case I can work with them and maybe provide a sounding board for their work before submission.

In this section, I hope to briefly give a taste of how I work, and what considerations the author should bear in mind when checking their own work.